Sakhara and Ajianeh Group

All the intellectual and material rights of the Sakhara and Ajianeh brand belong to Ayineh Sang Afra Company.

Sakhara and Ajianeh with a 55-years history in the processing of natural stone and decorative stones, as well as the production of natural stone tools, and the implementation of hundreds of construction projects and several designs, with a team of experienced designers, complete executive bulletins, stone supply and execution Provides a complete package of stone services to the engineering community.The Sakhara and Ajianeh Collection, with the introduction of the White Marble under the brand of Sayman as one of the most beautiful marble in the world, with the possibility of providing a glamorous design like Book Matched in a while, has inspired the marvel of the international stone market and is now introducing this The special stone and the use of its natural designs for commercial, residential, restaurant and hospital complexes allowed the use of this prestigious Iranian stone for domestic projects. The Sakhara and Ajianeh Group consist of three sub-collections, the Stonecutting, the Sayman Quarry and the Department of Design and Architecture.

Master Ghaffar Davar panah, founder of Sakharra Stone Factory

Ghaffar Davar Panah, a prominent Iranian stone industry company, was honored in 1929 in Isfahan. His father was a peasant who, in his youth, became a militarist, but later he began to masonry.

With the outbreak of World War II, which was the most expensive Iran period, Ghaffar, who was a child, went to Isfahan to seek help with heavy living expenses.