Alabaster Stone

Alabaster Stone 3

Alabaster is a kind of famous stone in nature. It has some features which makes it different from other stones and special for house decorative furniture. The features are:

  • Smooth
  • Fine-grained

This famous stone is under Sedimentary gypsum rock, which can let the light to pass through it. Commonly their colors are white or delicately shaded. It is thickness is around (1-2 inches

Alabaster Stone

Where does originally Alabaster Stone come from?

The Alabaster stone can be found in many countries in the world. For example: UK, India, Belgium, USA, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain. It is quarried in open pits on the mountains. The Normal size of this rock stone is:

16”-20” in Height and 2-3 Feet in diameter.

Stones from the quarry then goes to transport to a sawmill where this stone is sawed and become into flat round “pancakes” of different size and hand-craving for extra details sawing.

Decorative Stone Arts

One of the reasons that this Alabaster stone is famous is because this stone is soft and quit easy to work on it or do carve. It is widely use in house decorative stuff such as:

  • Decorative Objects
  • Lamps with carving on them.

Alabaster Stone can be found in Egypt as well. it was used to make the king and queen faces sculpture. Or the other usage was triple oil lamp.

Also Alabaster decorative stones are found in Babylonia and Assyria. On the other hand, the Romans made small carve objects and boxes.

Alabaster Stone

Alabaster stone Slab

From 6th – 13th centuries, monasteries in the Mediterranean countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Greece used this stone as thin flat slabs of alabaster as windowpanes because its ability of pass the light “Translucency”

This stone is also very famous in resources of sculptors and architects who, from antiquity until now many people use this stone in quit variety of house decorative stuff.

“Alabastron” was the old village name in Egypt, located near the city of Thebes.

These days, the name Alabaster is referring to a massive, translucent gypsum variety, with the very low porosity and displaying very low colors. Alabaster stone consists of microcrystalline gypsum aggregates. Their sizes are from 10 to 80 micrometers which from a normal mosaic.

How does the Alabaster stone is born?

Gypsum is a salt formed by the placed in the lakes subjected to massive evaporation. The reverse of small gypsum crystals at the bottom of the lake triggers the process. At the end the result of this process is Alabaster stone.

Example of White Alabaster stone in Decorative stuff:

Alabaster in Iran

The quarry of this stone found recently in Iran. It was one year ago that the quarry open pit of this stone founded in South-Fars Province of Iran.

They called this stone the most special decorative stone. It is going to use in the Hotels, Art Buildings, sculptures, Sofa Industries, Chandelier

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